Around Smartphone OS Platform


Smartphone OS platform: which is the best?
Many people often confuse among platform of Smartphone like Google android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone. Storage, processor speed, camera, and operating System are a most important thing in every Smartphone. Operating System plays a major role in the Mobile Devices. It is responsible for the appearance of the display, structure, and behavior of files and folders. It also affects the access of the other applications in system.
Microsoft OS, apple iOS, and Google android are holding majority mobile market; It depends on supporting applications that makes the OS more sustainable, every OS has its own limitations and advantages, It’s up to users to choose the best OS platform as per requirements like budget, usage etc.
Look at major features of Mobile OS Platforms:
Microsoft windows Phones
Microsoft OS supports outlook for email communications you can view separate inboxes or all messages to be viewed in single box.
Cameras have more features like smart shoot, blink, and cinema graph.
There is a kid’s corner where kids get their personal access to play the games.
You can access the Xbox, which is paid and available for the music, and movies with the windows live ID.
Microsoft windows phone 8 is a latest version of the Microsoft windows Phone OS.
Apple iOS
Apple iOS is the Second largest Mobile OS in the Smartphone market; many attractive features included in it like iCloud storage, Email conversation, and photo view, allowing multitasking, and could be updated higher version.
With the use of iCloud you can sort, rename, or copy the document, it gives up to 5 GB storage in iOS 6.
Siri is available in iPad3, iTunes for music, app store to download music and movies.
It offers the panoramic view of photos.
Unlike android, it has limited themes and personalization options, users have to go through iTunes, iCloud, and Apple Application store.
Apple iOS7 is newer version of the iOS series Operating System with upgraded version of the features like performance of Siri, Maps development navigation etc.


Operating System

Google Android
Google android is an open source Linux platform that has about 600,000 applications.
Main advantage is a strong developed Map Application that is not supported offline by iOS.
Google Play store provides to download and install various programs like music, movies, and games
It also performs financial transactions.
Manufacturers added weather application and contact features on some handset.
It also offers built in voice search, NFC (Near Field Communication) support and links everything with your Google account, which managed the applications.
Multi language support is another main advantage of this OS, android OS offers many language option supports.
Latest version of Android 4.3 called Jelly bean gives an experience of faster, smoother moves between home screen and other pages and improves the performance of the system.


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